• Experience for yourself the transformation. All-natural scientific skincare clinically trialed and rigorously tested to enhance your skin’s natural beauty.

  • “We have applied pharmaceutical-standard science to natural skin care to give anyone beautiful, healthy and glowing skin to boost everyday confidence. – Dr Iona Weir, Creator”

  • “We understand that Atopis is one of the only skincare ranges to commit to being completely free of solvents, alcohols, parabens or steroids, including in the extracts. It’s so safe, you could eat it.” Dr Iona Weir, Creator


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Nature's scientific skincare

Dry Itchy Skin Cream

Dry skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis can be miserable and often keep adults and children awake at night. Within two weeks of use, this potent all-natural therapy promotes cell renewal, hydrates and restores the skin leaving your skin feeling soft and no longer dry and itchy. Atopis works in synergy with your immune system so you stop reacting to environmental triggers.

Acne Prone Skin Cream

Atopis has been shown to increase the number of good bacteria, as well as inhibit bad bacteria levels on your skin, resulting in a healthy natural balance. This helps heal spots and blemishes, unclog pores and prevent pimples for sufferers of all ages – from teenagers right through to menopausal women and those with adult acne.

Anti-Aging Cream

Specially formulated for dry, mature skin to intensely rejuvenate and leave your skin looking and feeling soft and revitalized. Because it works on cell renewal, it’s never too late to use it.

Our Story

Dr. Iona Weir's global leadership in the biochemistry of New Zealand’s indigenous plants and microbes, combined with her advanced knowledge of eczema and the immune system, gave Dr. Weir the unique expertise to create a breakthrough cream for treating not just single symptoms but all of the parameters of eczema, acne and aging to restore the skin back to normal function.

  • We’ve been inspired by New Zealand’s purity to develop treatments to soothe your skin and make it beautiful – the pure and natural way.

  • Atopis uses ingredients from New Zealand’s indigenous plants that can heal, reprogramme and regenerate your skin. We tap into the healing properties of our natural environment to both heal the symptoms and tackle the cause.

  • Founded on the principle that nature knows best, the all-natural Atopis creams are free from alcohols, solvents, parabens or steroids. Atopis is so safe you could eat it.

What is really in those “all natural plant extracts”?

Learning what is in your natural plant extracts As the consumer demand for more natural products has grown, there has been an ever-increasing trend to use whole plant extracts in skin creams and dietary supplements, instead of highly purified single molecule ingredients. This approach is very good as the synergistic benefits of the whole plant […]


What are fillers – how do they affect you?

What are Fillers? A filler is used as a bulking agent or carrier to fill out a capsule or bulk up a skin cream or food item. Fillers are like the dietary supplement equivalent of candy – they fill you up but have no health benefits. A cheaply priced dietary supplement generally means the supplement […]


Dietary Supplements – Are they worth it?

Dietary Supplements – Are they worth it? Did you know that all pharmaceutical drugs originate from plants or microbes. For example, aspirin comes from Willow bark and Taxol (breast cancer chemotherapy) from the Pacific Yew tree.   Not all Supplements are created equal – here’s why? Quality dietary supplements can be very effective in helping with […]


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